The Immense Touch on Kenyan Families By Evangelos Marinakis

When it comes to curiosity and voice of response, Evangelos Marinakis is the best-case study. He is a man who is keen to the core to get to the bottom of things. Whether it industrial (where he has invested heavily), education, health or other social issues, he swings to action to get the findings.

One of the reasons that make him more curious is his willingness to be part of the solution, and generally to be aware. Those who have interacted with Evangelos define him as a very approachable down to earth human. It is evident from the way he handles conversations. It is difficult to associate him with the wealth that surrounds him.

A few years ago, jiggers infestation was pronounced a national disaster in Kenya (a country located in the Eastern part of Africa). This was not just news, but also a question of “how” hit the headlines. Well, Evangelos developed an interest in this matter and went to the ground a year later.

One of the significant concerns that hit him hard is how individuals and families were suffering from the jigger menace. Many know of jiggers from the classroom lessons, and little do they know how much devastating the small animal can be when it gets into your body.

The small animals burrow through your flesh and live in your body.  They can get into your toes, fingers, lips, eyelids, buttocks, and knees. They multiply rapidly. If not controlled early they affect your health severely. Evangelos  Marinakis took a keen interest in statistics collected by a few NGOs that had taken the initiative to help the people affected.

The jiggers have affected many children in schools. In one of the schools, close to 800 pupils had adverse effects of the jigger. Some could barely walk. Adults are part of the statistics. They are stuck at home unable to work anymore.

He learned that jiggers could lead to amputation of the affected limbs once they are out of control. They affect productivity by a significant margin. The performance of children who live with jigger challenge is wanting. The jiggers cause itchiness and distort concentration.

Together with other NGOs like Ahadi Kenya Trust, Ace Africa Anti-Jiggers Campaign, they acquired materials and went to the field to clean up the affected victims. Many nurses volunteered to help in the treatment. It was a course that touched Marinakis to the bone.

The turn up in the villages where they visited was shocking. Most of this people live in the earthen-ware houses. That is one of the causes. They dry weather is also a conducive spreading season for the jiggers.

They initiated a program to cement most floors in the areas where the victims were. Evangelos managed to reach out to 500 homes in The Central part of Kenya where he supported the families to acquire materials for cementing their floors.

The teachers in schools were encouraged to emphasize more on the hygiene skills. The some of the severely affected schools received donations of shoes and gumboots for the children. The supply was, and the effect will help to eradicate jiggers.

Evangelos Marinakis has been at the forefront to be on the rescue team in times of disaster. The jigger campaign in Kenya is only one of the areas he has touched. Many more areas include farming sector in India where he sponsors farmers to produce rice. He is devoted to seeing a long-life change in human life.

The entrepreneurship programs he has put on the ground have transformed many youths into known businessmen and woman. He believes the excellence of one life is enough to affect many more lives in the world. He has always advised human to make progress a contagious practice.